Order Clothing While You Are in Pattaya

If you are going to visit Pattaya and want to have something made by us while you are here, you may send us e-mail, a fax or letter before you arrive or you may simply walk in our showroom.

For those who will stay in Pattaya for less than five days, we suggest you to make an appointment with us because it requires an average of 30 man-hours to complete a Giovani Collection. The actual time required to complete a suit depends on the nature of the fabric and the complexity of the style. Usually, with an appointment made two weeks ahead, to complete a suit or suits in three days is possible, of course you will have to show up for fittings on time.

If you don' t stay in Pattaya long enough for us to finish your garments or you prefer not to carry the suits along with you, we can arrange to give you enough fittings while you are in Pattaya and have them sent afterwards. Expect to pay 10-15% of the suit's value for freight & duty when you receive it.


  Order Clothing on Our Routine Business Trips to Europe

We go to the Europe two times a year. On our trip we come with thousands of fabric-swatches for your selection. If you are ready to order, we will walk you through and place the order with our Pattaya Shop. To update our measurement record, we will need you to put on your latest suit made by us for reference. Since we have your complete measurements and paper pattern on file, to fit you with your old suit will serve as a very detailed fitting for the new order.

For new customers, please bring or wear a suit that fits you the best for reference. We will have you put on that suit and give you, or you give us opinions what need to be improved. If you don' t have a suit that fits you, you may bring any suit. We are going to visit fourteen cities in the coming year. You may book an appointment through this site.


  Order Clothing by Mail, Fax or E-mail

If you are a regular Customer, we have your paper pattern on file. You can write for fabric swatches and order by mail, fax or email. All orders will be confirmed by letter or fax before we begin to cut the fabric. Do note, however, if you leave fabric selection to our trusted tailors, you are stuck with their choice.

Also, allow us a reasonable amount of time to accept your order and have the garment made properly. We once got a fax from a bride-to-be who wanted a wedding gown in five days!

Please allow five weeks for your garment to be made and shipped; do take into consideration a change of seasons where you live. It's better to order clothes for one season ahead.


E-mail : raj@giovanicollection.com