Giovani Collection have build up their reputation as one of the best tailors in Pattaya providing high quality tailoring  skills and services. With their experience in tailoring for more than 30 years they have now reached customers in Europe for personal orders.

For people with odd sizes and difficult to buy ready-made suits you can rely upon Giovani Collection to fit you with the clothing attire you need. Moreover you do not have to fly to Pattaya to get your suits done, just inform Giovani Collection your address and contact details so confirm an appointment in your city. The procedure is very simple. The sales representative will bring along a large fabric sample  collection of the latest fabrics to your city. They will then confirm an appointment in the hotel they stay in, which will be in the center of the city or visit you at your home or office as convenient .You can then personally  discuss the styles and the fabric required for your suits and get measured. Your order will later be processed with great care and attention in Pattaya with the experienced tailoring skill at Giovani Collection.Giovani Collection also takes full responsibility of delivering your order to your doorstep within 6 weeks. They will even not let the customs in your city worry you about the delivery as the custom clearance is also Giovani Collection responsibility.

To be on our long list of customers to be visited in their cities, kindly fill up the form below and we will get back in touch with you with further  details. We go to Europe four times a year to custom design your fine suits. If you want to be in our travel list, you may e-mail us and we will make an appointment at your convenient closest possible time. If you refer us to your friends or colleagues, we will give you a special discount on your personal orders.



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