Giovani Collection is a traditional custom-tailoring shop who offers classic and elegant clothing tailored with a refinement in the cut and outstanding workmanship. Giovani Collection operates with the aim to provide superior custom tailored clothes to professionals at prices comparable to good quality ready-to-wear clothes, and with the commitment to create your clothes that complements your individuality, body type, and personal taste.

With our sophisticated on-line tailoring service, you are not only electronically connected to the workshop, but also offered a new buying experience. We tailor a suit by your order only. We give you clothing reflecting the qualities of tailor workmanship and best of all, affordable fashion.

Our Philosophy


The product quality that lead to credibility is what Giovani Collection believes. So we give enormous significance to Two factors that determine the quality of tailored clothes: the quality of the fabric used and the quality of the make of the clothes. We produce our clothes to give you the clothes of exceptional appearance, comfort, and durability by using only the premium fabrics and materials. In assembling our clothes, we take special care in cutting, shaping, and sewing, with much of the work done by hand.


We believe clothes should be affordable. We work hard to keep our prices fairest, while maintaining the best quality possible. Clothes from our workshop were hand-cut and sewn in an old fashion way by the highly skilled and experienced tailors. Our clothes are offered to you with features of high value custom clothes but in great prices. You will find that the finest clothes made by our tailors, ultimately, your best investment.

What makes Giovani Collection best value

Raw Materials

We offer only the premium quality English and Italian wool from the finest mills we can source for our products. Our suits are made from 100% pure wool yarns, and pure wool blended with other natural fibers like cashmere, mink, silk, and mohair. We do not believe in polyester and other synthetic fibers. Only wool has the soft feel, comfortable, cool, and wrinkle resistant properties necessary to produce a suit that will look and feel good for years to come. Cotton and silk has all great characteristics of natural fibers as well. The finest 100% cotton and hand-woven 100% silk are selected to create our luxury shirts.


Expert craftsmanship goes into every clothes we make. We are not one of those tailors that make a suit in 24 hours. Each suit takes up to 50 man-hours to complete, which 60% of the hours required to make a suit are spent on hand sewing the garment.

Hand Cutting

Cutting the fabric is the most important part of the tailoring. Each garment is individually patterned and cut. The cutting is done individually with tailor's scissors, and of course by hand. In working, our master tailors make sure that as far as possible the pattern of the fabric matched properly when the suit is made up.

Hand Tailoring

All aspects of hand tailoring are applied for the highest standards of quality, fit and finishing possible, list of hand tailoring includes: hand-fitted armholes and shoulder settings, hand-sewn in collar and sleeves, and hand sewn buttonholes. Jacket linings and buttons are hand selected to be matched with the color of a suit.

Hand Pressing

After each step of basting and sewing, tailors constantly press seams, linings, or jacket fronts to ensure the permanent stitching and proper assembly of other components. Your jacket is pressed over 30 times in the process of tailoring. Even in the finishing operations, experienced pressers press suits to give them final forms of three-dimensional shape that fits customer's body with superior balance.

The Right Fit

To ensure a fit, our master tailors take over 30 measurements to prepare individual patterns, considering not only customers' normal measurements, but also things like shoulder slope, posture, and torso proportion. With traditional styles and fashion trends in mind, our master tailors will develop your garment and cut your chosen styles to your unique requirements. Now you can enjoy the elegance and the comfort of custom tailored clothes from Giovani Collection. Whether you are a standard shape who fits well in ready-to-wear clothes or not. Or whatever styles you desire. Our job is to help you create clothes that will be an expression of your taste and fits you personally.

E-mail : raj@giovanicollection.com